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Founded by the Phoenicians who left archaeological remains like those found in the Mijas Pueblo city walls. Later the romans build the Roman road which connected Malaga with Cadiz and other localities next this municipality, on the sides villas and salting fish factories were built until the 5th century.

Towers which can be seen next to the coast were built by the catholic armies after conquering the territory for defending against pirate attacks between the 16th and 18th centuries.

*Although there are many religious buildings dated before the 20th century we highlight the 2 most important under the editor opinion.

Sightseeing places

There are some tourist places you can visit, continue reading and know the top places to visit in Mijas.

Hermitage Virgen de la Peña

Built by the end of the 16th century by catholic monks to promote the change of religion in the area after the conquest.

Av. del Compás, 7,29650 Mijas,Málaga

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Church Inmaculada Concepción

Built over an old Mosque in 1631 but using the old tower as bell tower.

Calle del Carril, S/N,29650 Mijas,Málaga

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Gardens of the wall

Those gardens were built over the ancient walls which rounded the town, there is also a viewpoint to the sea.

Paseo de la Muralla, Mijas

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Torres Vigía

Four towers used in the past to defend the coast next to Mijas and Fuengirola, there is a museum in the tower located at Cala del Moral.


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Theme parks and other attractions

The main tourist attractions are in the town of Mijas (Mijas pueblo); you can't miss the chance to watch the Costa del Sol from the viewpoint, stroll the streets between the typical andalusian white houses or taste a typical dish at any of the restaurants in Mijas while you visit any of our recommendations below:

Carromato de Max

You will find a collection of miniature heads (real miniature heads by tribes), a paint on the head of a pin, a book written on the edge of a business card and many other curiosities brought by the old owner of the museum from his many trips around the world.

Avenida del Compas, Mijas, Spain
Phone: 952 58 90 34

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Burros-Taxis de Mijas (Donkeys)

Very popular transport means during the sixties and very typical tourist attraction from Mijas.

Opening hours:
Winter: 10:00 / 18:00
Summer: 10:00 / 22:00

Donkey Taxi: 10 euros
Cart pulled by a donkey: 15 Euros
Chariot horses: 20 Euros

Avda. Virgen de la Peña - Parada Burro Taxi,Mijas,29650 Mijas,Málaga
Telephone: 627 02 69 58

Más informaciónMap and reviews: https://goo.gl/maps/i7WDcQaeDj22 - Website: mijasburrotaxi.es

Hipódromo Costa del Sol

The Hipodrome Costa del Sol is situated in the Urbanisation of "El CHAPARRAL", Mijas Costa, in the heart of Costa del Sol, with magnificent views of the sea and Mijas Sierra.

Calle del Romeral Urbanización el Chaparral, 29650
Telephone: 952 59 27 00

Map: Más informaciónhttps://goo.gl/maps/zyZNAXV7T4x - Website: http://hipodromocostadelsol.es/home.php

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